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Introduction to Typography header

Course Description

Aesthetics and legibility of type through applied design. Specifying type, type terminology, type as compositional element, cultural considerations of type and image. Introduction to drawing and page layout software.

This course is one of the requirements for students planning to apply for the BFA in Graphic Design at Georgia State University.

Typography & Graphic Design

Graphic design is comprised of imagery and type working together to communicate a message to the intended audience. Skillful management of type and type variables is what distinguishes between strong and weak designers. Learning typography is about paying very close attention to details and the text content.

Course Objectives

  1. To understand, use, and apply correct typographic terminology
  2. To identify and apply typefaces appropriate to solving a problem
  3. To understand typographic rules and conventions, and skillfully manage type variables (kerning, tracking, linespacing, alignment, hierarchy, line length)
  4. To communicate through typography according to its content, audience, and purpose

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