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Who’s He When He’s At Home?


GSU MFA Thesis Project

Services provided:

  • Photography
  • Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Fabrication
  • Sound editing
  • Installation

Who’s He When He’s At Home? is my thesis exhibition and ongoing experimental and research project. The exhibition is a design exploration of notions of home found in literary and philosophical texts. The basic idea is based on the recurring notion, found in the texts, of home being a nexus of the physical and metaphysical. It is the point where the vertical line, representing spiritual life, and the horizontal line, representing terrestrial life, intersect. Home is where we experience the most safety. It is the departure point for all of our excursions into the outside, into experience, and it is the place to which we return in order to make since of those experiences. The exhibition is made up of: photographic prints and text panels suspended from the ceiling and attached to the floor; floor markings intersecting at the image of the front door with a door mat indicating the site of rituals of departure and return; a sound element that represents journey from cosmos to the innermost workings of the home. The idea was to design an immersive installation that allowed the audience experience various abstract ideas about home and our existence within.

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Deinstallation timelapse

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