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Warner Brothers Games Conference Mobile App


Envy Create, Atlanta; WB Games, Los Angeles

Services provided:

  • Mobile app
  • User experience
  • Technology consulting


Like most exhibitors at conferences, WB Games faced the reality of limited time and opportunities to engage with its audience as it prepared for the 2016 E3 Expo in Los Angeles. WB Games desired a means to allow for pre-engagement and continued interaction with conference attendees, willing to offer rewards, VIP treatment, and curated information to conference attendees who were willing to engage. I designed this mobile app that would allow users to register before or during E3. Upon registration, users are offered opportunities and content to make their E3 experience better including: a messaging application to allow for communication between conference attendees; an expo guide with maps, schedules and tips on where to go in or near the expo center; the ability to schedule a “fast pass” for playing games or participating in tournaments; incentives for sharing the E3 experience on social media; and a Bluetooth-Low-Energy (BLE) beacon-enabled experience that offers location-specific, rich-media content related to WB Games items on display.

WB Games conference mobile app


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